What ZEV mandate can achieve


ZEV mandate is considered one of the more progressive climate policies. As a result of the ZEV mandate, over 1.5 million ZEVs are expected to be sold in California alone by 2025. An additional 1.5 million ZEVs are expected to be sold in the northeastern states of the US. Research by Professor Mark Jaccard suggests that a “balanced and flexible PZEV-ZEV mandate in Canada that will require automakers to achieve targets of 10% ZEVs of new sales by 2020 and increasing to 70% by 2030 would reduce annual emissions by 40%. This is equivalent to having a carbon price of $100-150/tonne of CO2e. Jonn Axsen of SFU suggests that a national ZEV mandate in Canada that is aligned with Quebec’s and California’s ZEV targets would facilitate achieving the goal of 40% ZEV sales by 2040. Furthermore, he argues, with such a mandate, purchase incentives such as rebates could be eliminated in the long term