Electric vehicles at a tipping point?

Are electric cars reaching a tipping point of the majority of car sales being electric? 

Except in Norway, NO! In Norway, in 2016, more than one in three new cars sold were plug-in electric cars. It is expected electric cars would reach the tipping point where the majority of cars sales would be electric vehicles soon. But then Norway has great incentives for buying electric vehicles (EVs), including 25% VAT tax exemption. And, it has a remarkable ambition of 100% of new car sales in 2025 be electric. 

In Canada, while the number of EVs sold has been increasing over the years, they represent only 1% of all sales. Srong policies and smart regulations are needed to increase EV market share. A strong ZEV mandate would help. 

EV sales 2016 fleetcarma.jpg

Currently, there are 10 states in the US that have a ZEV mandate. Quebec has adopted a ZEV mandate that will begin in 2018. Having more jursidictions with a ZEV mandate will give automakers a justifiation for investing in EV technology